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Free and unlimited use:

Our service is free and unlimited, so you can use it anytime, anywhere, for any number of images, without any restrictions.

Fast conversion:

Our service converts your images to high-quality AVIF format at an amazing speed, so you can get the AVIF images you need without waiting.

Multiple format support:

In addition to converting JPG and PNG to AVIF, we also support other common image formats to meet the needs of different users.

Privacy protection:

We take your privacy seriously and your images are never stored on our servers, ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

Local Conversion:

For enhanced security, convert JPG to AVIF directly on your device. This local conversion method prevents your files from being uploaded to our servers, crucial for sensitive or personal data.

What is AVIF?

AVIF, or AV1 Image File Format, is an advanced image format that offers superior compression efficiency over traditional formats. Originating from the AV1 video codec and developed by the Alliance for Open Media, AVIF excels in providing high-quality images at significantly smaller file sizes. It supports both lossy and lossless compression, and is capable of handling a wide color gamut and high dynamic range (HDR), making it a perfect choice for modern web applications where image quality and bandwidth efficiency are essential. With growing support across various platforms and browsers, AVIF is becoming more widely adopted in the digital world.

What is JPG/JPEG?

JPG, often used interchangeably with JPEG (which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group), refers to the same image format. The difference in extension (JPG vs. JPEG) stems from the early days of Windows, which only supported three-letter file extensions. Hence, '.jpeg' was shortened to '.jpg'. Other than the file extension, there is no difference between JPG and JPEG. This format is renowned for its efficient lossy compression, making it a standard for digital photography and online images. However, it does not support transparency and can experience quality degradation with extensive editing and saving.

What Happens When Converting JPG to AVIF?

Enhanced Compression and Reduced File Size:

Converting from JPG to AVIF typically results in better compression, leading to smaller file sizes. This advantage is particularly beneficial for web use, facilitating faster loading times and reduced bandwidth usage while maintaining high image quality.

Quality Improvement:

While JPG images are already compressed, converting them to AVIF can offer improvements in quality, particularly in terms of reducing compression artifacts and enhancing color range and dynamic range.

Advanced Color and HDR Support:

AVIF's capability to support a broader color palette and HDR brings added depth and vibrancy to images, providing a noticeable improvement over the conventional color range of JPG.

Considerations for Conversion:

Finding the Right Compression Balance:

When converting JPG to AVIF, it’s important to balance the level of compression to ensure that there is no significant loss in image quality while taking advantage of AVIF’s smaller file size.

Selecting the Appropriate Conversion Tool:

It’s crucial to choose a reliable conversion tool. Our website,, offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution for converting JPG to AVIF, ensuring optimal quality and performance for your images.

Ensuring Compatibility and User Experience:

Post-conversion, checking that AVIF images display properly across various devices and browsers is key, considering the progressive adoption of AVIF in the technological landscape.

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